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Having a Right CV for your Job will help you get noticed among your Employer & get close to your dream job .Benchmark has come up with CV Writing Service for Jobseekers. Our Professional Resume Developers will help you get noticed among your employer with high quality Professional Resume Development Service.  


A well written professional resume is your ticket to a better job. We know exactly what employers are looking for and we can provide you the resume you need to be noticed.  


Resume Suggestions:  
  * Be clear, concise, accurate and complete. Proofread, grammar and spell-check everything.  
  * Keep it professional. Interests, hobbies, sports, religious and political affiliations, marital status, etc. are not recommended for the resume.  
  * List only significant accomplishments.  
  * When quantifying responsibilities or results with sizes, statistics, percentages, cost savings, or occupancy increases, always round off numbers.  
  * If you begin the resume with "Objective", make sure that it is general enough not to preclude you from various opportunities.  
  * Do not use a type font smaller than 12 point. Small type will not read well when sent via exact copy.  
  * Use white or eggshell colored paper that will look good when copied.  
  * Maintain copies of your resume on your personal computer or separate diskette, so that you can update or edit easily. Whenever possible (for confidentiality purposes) we suggest you use personal (not company) computers and email.  
  * Always indicate dates of employment. Doing otherwise raises questions regarding possible periods of unemployment, or short terms of employment.  
* Prepare a concise, 1-page cover letter to highlight your accomplishments, strengths and selling points. Include a brief demonstration of your knowledge and interest in the company you are inquiring about. Review a prospective company’s literature and/or Internet site. Interest, backed up by knowledge, may separate you from other individuals and create a more productive interview.

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