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Costume Design and Fashion
Accessory Design:Aimfill diploma programme introduces students to basic design concepts, visualization techniques, manipulation of materials and techniques of interpretation, leading to the creation of costume jewellery and accessories in various materials and traditional Indian craft styles. Students are taught portfolio and presentation a technique, given careers as Design Coordinators, Managers and prepares them for entry into the emerging market of accessory export form India.
Apparel Marketing & Merchandising:This course is specialized two-year postgraduate diploma programme, which covers practical aspects of the fashions industry, with a focus on marketing and merchandising. Students undergo rigorous training in buying, merchandising, retail operations, fashions coordination, advertising, forecasting, international marketing, trade documentation and project formulation. They are exposed to creative merchandising / marketing following domestic and international marketing practices, forecasting and other factors. Training is also imparted in computer applications in business and the students are also given production-oriented inputs to develop their talents.
Garment Manufacturing Technology:This two-year postgraduate level diploma programme covers aspects of optimal resource utilization and timely delivery of quality merchandise to customers. The syllabus is practical, based on classroom and laboratory simulation of current factory and business trends. It includes subjects such as business administration, industry and engineering concepts and techniques of production, pattern making, strategic planning and in-depth knowledge of seams, stitches and machine types.
Leather Garment Design & Technology:This course has inputs on production system and garment engineering skills. Leather garments manufacturing process, design forecast and awareness and skills, pattern making techniques and concepts, garment specifications and international size charts, selection of trimmings, etc. This is a modular programme, which allows the students to specialize either as Designers/Stylists or Managers in leather Companies.
Textile Design & Development: The Textile Design & Development has inputs which has both design and technology. The course is designed to explain the concepts of textile desing from the stage of the original fibre till the final product. The course is two-year master course after graduation and includes inputs of textile, sketching, printing, weaving and computer application to cover woven, print and embroidery designs. In the final year, the students will be mostly doing practical projects with clients.
Fashion designers and authorities from all over the world have been greatly attracted to India. Indian designers have left a mark in the international fashion scenario and their popularity is fast increasing. While there are regular courses in fashion but the person joining the course should have an aptitude for sketching, drawing and communicating ideas. In order to have an international perspective, a fashion designer must read more and more of international fashion journals, books on history and art. He/ She must also visit various art exhibitions and interact with traditional artists whenever he/she gets a chance. In order to have an international perspective, a fashion designer must read more and more of international fashion journals, books on history and art.
The primary areas of work in the fashion industry are market research, designing and manufacturing of garments and textiles. Fashion design is the most important area of work in fashion industry. Designing involves creating original designs after studying the changing trends of the market i.e market research. It has various fields of specialization like garments, footwear, jewellery and even luggage. It is a challenging field as it requires the coordination of various jobs, in small concerns it is usually a one man show but in big organizations the jobs are specialized and allotted to different people.

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