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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

It is my honor and proud privilege on place on records a few facts about aimfill and its origination.

Coming across the length and breadth of the country I could experience the banning desire of the middle class and lower middle class sections of this society, who yearn to catch up with the main stream in the matter of education employment and social up liftment. But unfortunately they starve a lot and searching for opportunities here and there. Such a situation caused me a great concern and promoted me to lend a helping hand to lift up them.

Consequently it occurred to my mind as a vision why not I start an institution as my mission to fulfill the ambition and aspiration of the deserving lot, on a very modest way and that paved way to establish an educational, Social, and cultural organization in the name of Aimfill, which can fulfill the aim of those needy population of the country.


Quality Training with focused job assistance: Our Vision is to mould the younger generation to face the highly competent professional and technical sector, assuring Industrial experience with exclusively designed Job - Oriented and integrated training programs.


Our commitment to excellence and your success: Our country is rich in manpower with dexterity, skill and efficiency. Several opportunities are thrown open. But many of them have not come to the lime light because of laxity in proper education and economic backwardness.

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