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Do you spend hours in front of the mirror talking to your reflection, imitating an actor from the Bollywood? Do you say aloud the dialogues from Sholay as sincerely as you recited your school poems? If yes,

then you have been be sotted by the acting bug and you need to head to Aimfill India's No1 Acting& Modeling Campus. With opportunities in the field of acting registering a substantial rise, acting as a profession has gained popularity among the youth

With satellite television going 24x7, and mainstream of Film Industry shaping for a tectonic shift, acting is one profession that is in great demand today. There are lots more of opportunities now than there were in the past.The faculties of this acting institute are experienced and professional acting teachers. There is a different specialized acting teacher for teaching each and every acting skill.

Scope of Acting Courses

Acting offers a glanderous career and extreme popula- rity. In present era of booming satellite channels, the actors and actresses are in high demand. They get excellent job opportunities in films, dramas and televi- sion serials. Along with , they get among the people. Hence, more and more people are getting attracted to this field. It's like good income tremen- dous popularity a dream for the youngsters to develop a career in the world of glamour. To be a good actor or actre ss, one needs to join some acting courses. Considering the good scope of acting courses.

Scope of acting courses in India

Career Prospects for Models

The expansion of the market economy and the upsurge of the fashion industry are almost simultaneous. This has thrown open a lucrative market for the aspiring models. Although individual success depends largely on personality traits and inherent capability of a model, one can pursue this profession in television, print media, showrooms, ramps, live shows and advertisements after completing modeling courses in India.


Modeling has emerged as one of the most glamorous career options in India today. With the expansion of the market economy, promotion and advertisement of goods have assumed tremendous importance leading to high demand for models showcasing the products. Traditionally, modeling industry was perhaps one of the few industries where females earned more than their male peers. However, of late a career in modeling has become attractive even for the Indian males, promising glamour as well as high pay packages. It is needless to say that this profession needs lots of hard work and dedication and one does not become a model simply by virtue of being born beautiful and attractive. You need to learn grooming and engage in personality development for building up a career in modeling. More over television Modeling, advertisement Modeling and ramp Modeling also require a flair for acting. As a result, various institutes are offering Modeling courses in India these days.

The Indian people are crazy about the film and television stars. Including old people to small children, everybody is fascinated towards the films and TV serials. The women are literally emotionally involved in the television serials. Acting is a good career option for those who have some acting virtues. There are several acting schools in India for such people. The acting schools offer the skills essential for surviving in the industry. They induce the knowledge regarding arts, commerce and science of film making. The acting schools emphasize on the emotional flexibility and improving the talent.

Good scope of acting courses is available in tele-films, mega serials, reality shows, game shows and countdown shows. By giving bright performance in these areas, the doors of Silver Screen are opened for them, which is dream destination for every budding actress or actor.

Eligibility for Modeling Courses

There are no specific and well-drawn criteria for admission to modeling courses. The criterion that emerges over a period of time in this sector varies according to place and time. For example, in India, the height of female models generally ranges between 5.7 to 6.0 feet and that of male models is 6.0 feet or above. It is needless to say that only healthy, smart and attractive persons should opt for these courses to pursue a prolonged and successful modeling career.

Training contents of Fashion Modeling Training Course offered of Aimfill International, Chennai.

  • Basics of Modeling
  • Ramp & Cat Walk
  • Green Room & Back Stage Management
  • Portfolio Poses
  • Personality Grooming & Body Language
  • Modeling Agency Management
  • Casting Couch Culture
  • Middleman Threat
  • Hair & Skin Care
  • Fitness & Diet
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Basic Film Acting Classes

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