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Aviation is a fast moving and dynamic industry in which leaders and managers need to address competitive pressures and radical change, balancing these with environmental and macro-economic issues. MBA in Airline and Aviation Management programme addresses this need and uses critical and evaluative approaches, concepts and methods to contribute to the development of aspiring senior leaders and managers in the industry.

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MBA in Airline and Aviation Management seeks to develop your business acumen through developing and increasing the efficiency of your critical thinking. It is also designed to enhance your understanding of the management of airlines and airports. Students learn about airport planning, airport security, passenger forecasting, aerodrome works, fire safety, dangerous goods and many other related topics. Job opportunities in India are with Airport authority of India under Ministry of Aviation, Government of India. Since there is rising trend of privatization of Airports, more and more companies are coming in for management of Airports and there would be good opportunity for students with MBA in Airline and Aviation Management

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MBA in Aviation Management

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