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MBA Industrial safty

Industrial Safety management is a very demanding career. like any other. But you will have to be ready for working in very hectic working schedules. Generally a candidate who has completed his or her graduation or post- graduation in engineering can go for this management course.

Industrial Safety Management concerns the protection of persons, environment and property in industries and work places. This management service pertains to promotion of safety measures as well as reduction of the levels of hazardous risks through safety operations and management techniques that assure industrial safety. With the rise of industrial safety policies more and more stringent measures are being demanded of industries to protect the health and welfare of not only employee and employer but also the environment. The need for industrial safety management has brought about the rapid development of industrial safety management institutes and courses on the same. Personnel and managers who are professionals in safety management are in demand in India and abroad. The growing threats to life and property from natural disasters are added reasons for the rising demand for professionals with a degree or diploma in Industrial safety management.


Jobs in Industrial Safety Management


After successful completion of the course jobs are available in a large number of industrial and commercial undertakings for the post of Industrial Safety Manager, Environment Safety Manager, Transportation Safety Supervisor, Risk Management Consultant, Construction Safety Engineer and several other positions. Vacancies are available for pg or post graduate diploma students in industrial safety management and also for students who have completed MBA in Industrial safety management. Safety management jobs are available in India as well as overseas, in S.Africa and other countries. Safety management in Delhi, Kolkata and India is in demand especially in the construction industry, in hospitals as in sm of food, aviation as well as in waste and recycling industries.


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